Our team has been producing expendable wooden chopsticks and other items made of wood since 2010. The products produced at our factories and by our partners are exported to a number of countries in Southeast Asia: Korea, Vietnam, China, etc.

Initially, we started importing Chinese made machinery for our own production lines. We bought, shipped and assembled equipment in Russian and learnt how to properly utilize it under guidance from experienced specialists. We also visited factories in China to gain our own experience and learn from our mistakes. After that, we started developing exports of ready-to-use and prefabricated products to Southeast Asia, especially China. After some time, other companies started approaching us with questions about equipment and its manufactures, production organization, etc. As a result we started consulting on procurement of equipment in China and its importation into Russia, followed by provision of spare parts and expendables. We did not stop developing our own production either.

Today we are placing orders for equipment and materials at different factories from Guangzhou to Mudanjiang. We own and operate a warehouse in Suifenhe near the Russian border. We are fully capable to procure any equipment and materials from China at your request, including quality control and acceptance, customs clearance and shipping to Russia. Our main specialization is machinery for wood processing. If you need equipment to produce chopsticks, ice cream sticks, spatulas, food mixers, toothpicks, expandable cutlery (spoons, forks, plates, knives) we can help you to make the right choice. We will find the best option that will ideally suit your requirements accounting for all variables from the size of your warehouse to type and sizes of wood you may use. We will apply our experience to help you to avoid any mistakes that we made in the past.

Today we collaborate with wood processing companies in Primorsky and Khabarovsky regions, Altai, Moscow and other places. Our specialist visited numerous production sites to provide support, troubleshooting, training and consulting services. The list of the cities where we worked include Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow and others.

This site provides basic information with approximate prices. As requirements of every client are unique, it is impossible to design a fit-for-all solution and we are carefully selection equipment to meet even the most demanding clients’ desires.

In summary, we are a team of highly experienced professionals ready to deploy our knowledge and skill to help you to obtain equipment that perfectly meets your needs in the shortest possible timeframe. Even if you have just a general idea of what you want.

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